How To Maintain Being Motivated?

02 02 17 - 05:32

Before we address how to manage stress, let’s discuss first how  get and stay motivated. An expert once suggested this trick. Try to imagine being so enthusiastic in getting up every morning and prepare for work. Try to  visualization this thought vividly from beginning to end. But to do this, you must also learn the step by step strategies so it would be a lot easier for you compose your imagination.

Always pay attention and be keen to every detail. Imagine how much you like going to work, doing what you love to do and earn more out it. If you want, you can play your favorite music that serves as a background. You can do some minor editing with the lights, make it dim or make it vibrant, whichever you prefer. To complete the steps, try to include some positive feelings.  Do you get the whole scenario? The idea behind all this involves a matter of mindsetting. Everything happens around you, from your actions to your reactions depends on your own perception. It all depends on how you look at things and it all depends on how feel about it. Click here to know more about หนังโป๊.

Run through the whole scenario again, if you must, you may try a different setting this time. You may try something like you're having a conversation with your spouse or preparing for a family gathering. It all depends on how you see things and how much emotions you put into it. Take note on how you are feeling that very moment. If you set your mind to be more positive everything appears to be very pleasant and a lot lighter than usual.  Try to notice how much you've accomplish and how are you feeling at that very moment.


Porn Motivated Me To Lose Weight

01 02 17 - 10:21

I was really obese a few months back, actually it started when I was a kid as both my parents are fat.  Well they say that it is on the heredity as both my parents are big and their parents are also big as well, but then I tried to contemplate that all the members of the family would definitely be heavy as everyone loves to cook and does not really care what kind of food is served or consumed as long as it is delicious. Learn about porn on

Most of the main course would be meat with all the melt in your mouth fat and gravy plus some carbohydrates like potato and rice to go with and of course who could forget the dessert, from those pies and pastries and some fancy sweet finish. Those are the typical food that we have be it in our kitchen or in my grand parents dining table.

So I think definitely everyone would be big specially that we are not careful of the portioning of our food intake. And when I was watching some porn, I would only drool over those hot sexy bodies as I would always think that they are perfectly toned and beautiful which I would never achieve what I admired. It would really break my heart watching these well formed and chiseled bodies, and told myself to stop watching, but then I would just buy my next porn film and watch these studs and sluts and keep on admiring their bodies over and over again.

And I started to lose weight and the real challenge was maintaining the lifestyle throughout the years and keeping it off as long as I can. And it did paid off as after the hard work I was able to lose weight and have myself into my ideal weight though not as toned as those I see in porn, but I know now that I will get there.


01 02 17 - 07:00

Let's Talk about Sex Baby and Let's Talk about You and Me: Adult Dating Sites

Adult online dating beats the bar scene by leaps and bounds and here's why. You won't have to worry about being bought drinks by a man you aren't into, but you're "forced" to indulge him because he already bought you a drink or two, you won't have to call on the bouncer to get rid of someone who's being too clingy, you won't have to deal with face-to-face rejection, and you won't have to worry about spiked drinks. Porn is on the table for both online and offline dating, but the former adds an extra barrier of anonymous protection before you go do the deed and make use of rubber protection instead. In an adult site, you won't have to guess who wants what because of their special search algorithm.

Get Only the Cream of the Crop


  • A dating site that pretty much works like an adult Facebook ("Sexbook" perhaps?) will allow you to connect with strangers with similar interests. You then message them and wait for those interested people who'll message you back. Usually, it's the guy who messages the girl and not the other way around. Your account and what you share also helps with how the algorithm categorizes you.

  • Your categorization should be done with how you set up your profile information. Some dating sites require you to indicate if you're seeking sexual romps or intimate relationships. Usually, people date online because they want nontraditional dates or hookups leading to one-night stands or even the so-called "Friend with Benefits". You can use adult language here but don't be too blunt. Be playful. Learn how to flirt. Identify social signals.

  • Most of all, be sexy. Don't just say, "I want to fuck hot babes," and expect hot babes to crawl all over you, all the men on that dating site want the same thing but only the alpha males who know how to socialize and attract women will end up on the top of the heap like an apex predator of sorts while the beta males could only get his "sloppy seconds" at best if any because of their own social ineptitude. Don't be too on the nose or outright creepy.